JTAG Modding

What is JTAG?

JTAG mod is the homebrew modding for Xbox 360, allows unsigned programming to run such as emulators.

I have several videos demonstrating some "loaders" which are programs for the 360 written by users. These will ONLY run on a system that has been JTAG moddified. Youtube User: Atticustheory7

Is my console JTAG able?

A console must have a correct dashboard version to even be possible of under going this mod. To check this you will want to go to

System Settings> Console Settings> System Info.

In the upper right hand corner of the screen there will be a string of numbers similar to the image below. In the image below 9199 is my dashboard version, it is the latest released. To be able to JTAG a system this 4 digit number MUST be 7XXX or below anything starting with an 8 or higher will NOT work.


db version check


Great JTAG Programs

XexLoader- Youtube | Download

NXE2GOD- Youtube | Download